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Orchestra/Large Ensemble

One Thing for ten players (2018) (7’)

Flute, Oboe, Bass Clarinet, Soprano Sax., Tenor Sax.//Percussion, Drum Set// E. Guitar, Piano, Contrabass

Commissioned by the Bang On A Can Summer Festival. Premiered Summer 2018 at Mass MOCA (North Adams, MA) by the Bang On A Can summer fellows with Ken Thompson.

Wrest for orchestra (2017) (10’)

2(2=picc.).2.2(2=bcl).2(2=cbsn)// 3perc.//hp. pro.//stgs.

Commissioned by the Yale Philharmonia. Premiered December 2017 at Woolsey Hall (Yale University) by the Yale Philharmonia, David Yi conducting.

Re:Babel for 19 Strings (2017) (10.5’)

5 violins I, 4 violins II, 4 violas, 4 cellos, 2 contrabasses (with C extensions)

Written for the Next Festival of Emerging Artists. Recorded in NYC June 2017 by the Next Festival of Emerging Artists Orchestra, Peter Askim conducting. Not yet premiered.

Going By [version B] for orchestra (2016) (8’)

i. Faces West

ii. The Confluence


Commissioned by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Premiered April 2016 at EMPAC (Troy, NY) by the Rensselaer Orchestra, Nicholas DeMaison conducting.

…And Grackles Gone for orchestra (2015-16) (11’)

2(1=afl./2=picc.).2(2=ehn.).3(2=bcl./3=bcl.).3(3=cbsn)// 3perc.//hp. pro.//stgs.

Commissioned by the Manhattan School of Music. Premiered Feb. 2016 at  Neidorff-Karpati Hall (Manhattan School of Music) by the Manhattan School of Music Symphony, George Manahan conducting. Subsequent performance (European premiere) by Ostrava New Orchestra, Bruno Ferrandis, conductor, at Trojhali Karolina (Ostrava, CZ) as part of the Ostrava Days Festival (2017).


Raven for six players (2019) (10’)

i. ra(s)p

ii. scoff

iii. hex (dark familiar)

iv. riddle

Flute (doubling afl. and picc.), Clarinet (doubling bcl.), Violin, Cello, Percussion, Piano

Commissioned by Amalgama as part of The Lost Words Project. Premiered April 2019 at Areté Gallery (NYC) by Amalgama. Subsequent performance at our Saviour’s Atonement Lutheran Church (NYC), May 2019 and at Yale University with the composer conducting (October 2019)

Tombeau (2018) (17’)

Baritone voice, Trumpet (doubling flugelhorn), Bass Clarinet, Trombone

Text by Gerard Manley Hopkins and Jeannie Begg Dixon (public domain).

Commissioned by loadbang. Premiered October 2018 at Tenri Cultural Center (NYC) by loadbang. Subsequent performance at our Chatter Festival (Albuquerque, NM) , October 2018.

i/I for baritone and seven players (2018) (8’)

Baritone voice//Clarinet (doubling bcl.), Horn in F, Bassoon//E. Guitar//Violin, Viola, Cello

Text by e.e. cummings. Used with permission.

Premiered April 2018 at Christ Church (New Haven, CT) by Edward Vogel and members of the Yale Philharmonia, composer conducting.

Held (2017) (12’)

Two Pianists (two pianos)//Two percussionists

Commissioned by icarus quartet. Premiered Summer 2017 at Staller Center for the Arts (Stony Brook University) by participants at the Yarn Wire Institute with Laura Barger and Russell Greenberg.

And It Is Now for Soprano and five players (2017) (9’)

Soprano voice//Clarinet, Percussion (one player), Harp, Viola, Contrabass

Text by Howard Nemerov. Used with permission.

Commissioned by Eric Goldberg. Premiered April 2017 at Ades Performance Space (Manhattan School of Music), Eric Goldberg conducting. Subsequent performance by Emilia Donato, soprano, with members of the Yale Philharmonia, David Yi conducting at Morse Recital Hall (Yale University).

Rhapsody (after William Forsythe) for Clarinet and Piano (2016) (7’)

Commissioned by Thomas Piercy and Aki Takahashi. Premiered in Tokyo, Japan, as part of the Tokyo to New York concert series, March 2017. Subsequent performance by Graeme Steele Johnson and Seolyeong Jeong at Yale University, March 2017.

Going By [version A] for violin and cello (2015) (8’)

i. Faces West

ii. The Confluence

iii. Disintegration Blues

Violin, Cello

Written for the Yellow Barn Young Artists Program. Premiered Summer 2015 at Big Barn (Putney, VT) by participants in the Yellow Barn Young Artists Program.

[and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water] for mezzo-soprano and four players (2015) (12’)

Mezzo-Soprano//Oboe, Clarinet, Horn in F, Trombone

Commissioned by Erika Rush. Premiered Spring 2015 at Bossi-Comelli Studio (Manhattan School of Music) by Erika Rush, mezzo-soprano with students at the Manhattan School of Music, Benjamin Grow conducting. Subsequent performance by Elisa Sutherland (mezzo), Stuart Brezinski (oboe), Carlos Cordiero (clarinet), Eric Huckins (horn), and William Lang (trombone) with the composer conducting at Areté Gallery (NYC), April 2019.

Two Movements for String Sextet (2013) (15’)

i. Stumbling Blind

ii. Out with Ava Looking for Stars

2 Violins, 2 Violas, 2 Cellos

Written for the Yellow Barn Young Artists Program. Premiered Summer 2013 at Big Barn (Putney, VT) by participants in the Yellow Barn Young Artists Program.


Lateudes for violin solo (2020-ongoing)

i. processional

ii. Eileen (strange loop)

more to come…

Breathwork for alto trombone solo (2020-ongoing)

Commissioned by William Lang

People and Places for Electric Guitar (2019-[ongoing])

i. Willow

ii. Éugene

iii. Alpaca

more to come…

Electric guitar, effects pedals (one player)

Commissioned by Neil Beckmann. First two movements premiered at Spectrum (NYC) in November 2019. Third movement premiered by the composer at Yale University in February 2020.

es y no es sonido for Viola Solo (2015) (6’)

Commissioned by Georgina Rossi. Premiered Spring 2016 at Paul Hall (Juilliard School).

Epiphany Variations for Viola Solo (2015) (12’)

Commissioned by Carrie Frey. Premiered Spring 2016 at Greenfield Hall (Manhattan School of Music). Subsequent performance by Carrie Frey and by Jordan Bak at Lyric Hall (New Haven, CT), January 2019.

Etymology for Trombone Solo (2014) (14’)

Commissioned by William Lang. Premiered Summer 2015 at Janacek Conservatory (Ostrava, CZ). Subsequent performances at Spectrum (NYC) and Paula Cooper Gallery (NYC), fall/winter 2015.